*AMATEUR RADIO SWL* I 5 5 3 8 7 F I *JN52hx - Riotorto (LI) ITALY
*** I55387FI Daniele Jn52hx ITALY*** ***

domenica 22 gennaio 2017


from: http://sigidwiki.com/wiki/EFR_Teleswitch

Europäische Funk-Rundsteuerung (EFR) Teleswitch (European Radio Ripple Control GmbH (ERA) Teleswitch) is an energy management system operated via long-wave radio. The system is deployed by European Radio Ripple Control GmbH.
Uses two transmitters in Germany and one in Hungary, covering most of Central Europe. Also known by DCF39, DCF49 and HGA22, the transmitters in the network.
Uses FSK modulation with 170 Hz shift at 200 bps ASCII

Ricevuta una delle tre stazioni che effettua Teleswitching  in banda LF

Sistema di ricezione:
RX:Kenwood ts 450 s
ANTENNA: Long-Wire 15 metri

-Osservatorio Meteo Amatoriale
-Stazione di Radioascolto ->Short Wave Listener I5-5387FI